Committee of Management

The Committee of Management share responsibility as guardians who are committed to protecting, nurturing and developing Pourau Incorporation lands and investments to ensure this taonga will continue to be productive for our family of shareholders.

  • Derrick Hope (Secretary/Treasurer)
  • Steve Brooking
  • Miria Heavey
  • Philip Hope (Chairperson)
  • Kylee Potae
  • Anita Kake
  • Evelyn Williams (Tikanga Advisor)
  • Mero Rokx (3 year Rangatahi position from 20th Feb 2021).

A look back at Pourau Station

Pourau Strategic Plan & Values

Pourau Station – view farm

  • 1132 Hectare property incl adjacent 66 Hectares of leased land, mainly pastoral with Woolshed, stock yards, house, and cottage included and segregated off forestry plantations per following. Some cropping potential on the Te karaka block area.
  • 4806 sheep stock units and 918 cattle bailed stock units providing bailment rental from Rahiri Trust since July 1994. The bailed stock sold to Rahiri Trust in January 2019 (per equivalent description as those bailed in 1994 and 2019 re-valuation).
  • Total area less agreed on forestry land re-leased to Bill and Meg Busby representing Rahiri Trust (the Lessee who owns and operates the adjacent Pauariki Station and Tironui Station on Mata Road) for 13 years from July 2011 to June 2024 with a 10 year right of renewal to 2034 on the same historical core lease terms. The Incorporation has had a long association with Rahiri Trust who has leased the block since 1994.
  • Forestry development embarked on uneconomical/difficult areas. An 80-year Forestry Right has been established to enable unrestricted Incorporation access to carryout forestry maintenance and harvesting on:-
    • Ngaras Face, ~6 Hectares of Pinus Radiata planted in 1999;
    • Wallaces, ~16 Hectares of Lusitanica planted in 2002

General issues

  • Capital Development/Improvement program included in the current lease agreement (scrub cutting, fencing replacement including boundary fences, yard work, dams, drainage, water reticulation, weed control to be undertaken by Rahiri Trust).
  • Cost sharing regime agreed to on fencing replacement .
  • Tokomaru G3D consisting of 14.2 Hectares, which was solely owned by the Ratapu family was purchased by Pourau Incorporation in 2009.
  • Tokomaru Pt H consisting of 19.44 Hectares, 50/50 share ownership between Pourau Incorporation and Ratapu family. The Ratapu family 50% share was also purchased by Pourau Incorporation in 2009. Derelict buildings on Tokomaru H have since been removed.
  • New boundary fence installed during 2013 fenced out and protected from stock at least two areas of significance referred to as WR71, containing Totara, Rimu and Puriri. The Committee sought Dept of Conservation subsidy several years earlier without success.
  • Main central stock race development took place during 2014/2015 period to facilitate stock movement through the top of the block without requiring to use SH35.
  • Rahiri Trust exercised their Right of Lease Renewal from 1st July 2024 for 10 further years. The Lease agreement requires the parties to formally agree on a development program over this future 10 year term . . This hasn’t yet occurred in accordance with the agreed terms of the lease.
  • NZTA approached Pourau CoM in 2018 regarding a proposed re-alignment of SH35 at the single lane bridge and culvit crossing the Makokomuka Stream Ox-bow adjacent Tokomaru Pt H (Mahi Block). Given the nature of the existing road and the potential for serious road accidents (fatalities already recorded here), Pourau CoM have agreed in principle to provide a small portion of land on the uphill side of the bridge to enable this alignment goal to be achieved in the interests of road users and the local communities safety. Consultation work is ongoing with local hapu in regard to the historical aspects of the re-alignment of the Makokomuka Stream.
  • Pourau CoM have investigated the removal of large exotic trees on either side of SH35 adjacent to the Station homestead/woolshed entrance during 2021/22 in conjunction with NZTA and GDC for the purposes of mitigating H&S risks to SH35 users as well as Pourau Station residence. 

Three Bridges / Katikati – view farm

  • The total area is approx. 330 Hectares, consisting: ~34 Hectares of cropping land (includes areas that were covered in grapes and in Kiwifruit). Includes lock up shed with power available, no agricultural machinery exists having being sold. ~32 Hectares of bush and reversion. ~264 Hectares of easy to steep hill country including a 57 Hectare fenced off forestry plantation on the steep Katikati face which was planted in 2014

General issues, Pastoral area (Katikati Block)

  • ~300 Hectares leased following public tender process to Marotiri Farm Partnership (MFP) for 10 year period from July 2004, concluding June 2014. Public re-tendering during 2013 resulted in ~240 Hectares leased to Valour Partnership (Roz and John Pethybridge) from July 2014 with lease terms including specific maintenance and value added/development clauses.
  • Goats and regenerating Kanuka an ongoing problem as well as the potential for erosion. Large volume of aerial spraying carried out during 2013 and 2014 to control reversion as well as provide for a plantation forest development on the Katikati face.
  • Native forest areas fenced off by DOC following recommendation from Nga Whenua Rahui committee (~1850 metres of new fence with repairs to ~100 metres) to preserve the natural 10 Hectares of Puriri forest in #3 paddock where the oldest known Puriri tree in NZ resides and also the 4 Hectares of native bush closer to the main road.
  • The government forestry grant available in 96 to develop the ~66 Hectares of this paddock in forestry was not taken up and hence lapsed.
  • Improved fencing segregation was carried out during 2014 to improve stock handling and provide a stock proof perimeter fence for the 57 hectare forestry development carried out during the winter of 2015. Further segregation underway on the North side of the main flats creek from 2021.
  • Vehicular access improved through the centre of the block via Katikati face to the top during 2014 with the addition of a 1.5 km length track.
  • Extended access tracking via the south catchment part way to the Eastern skyline completed in 2021 . Intention is to eventually extend this to the Eastern skyline.
  • An additional half dozen stock watering dams have been developed since 2014 hence improving the blocks stock carrying capacity during the dry months.

General issues, Horticulture area (Three Bridges)

  • Vineyard and Kiwifruit managed by whanau members up to and including 1999 season.
  • Grapes leased out to local vineyard owner Bruce Gaw in early 2000. Poor climatic conditions, spray regime and plant disease negatively impacted potential returns for 2002 season. Lease agreement ceased.
  • Grape plants and supporting equipment removed at nil cost in 2002 due to poor returns resulting from the impact of disease on vine production and poor local climatic conditions at/prior to harvest. Option to replant vineyard with new variety of plants not taken up.
  • Machinery sold – Ford Tractor and some auxiliary equipment, late 2000.
  • 30 Hectares Horticulture and cropping land publicly tendered and lease let to Rinii and Huhana Rokx Sept 2002 based on price and conditions.
  • Kiwifruit orchard removed.
  • Other options considered for horticulture including other grape varieties, lavender, lemons, olives, kiwifruit, etc. Returns too unpredictable long term with risks, which can negatively impact Incorporation income.
  • Public re-tendering during 2013 resulted in the block being leased to Decosta Enterprises (Mark Decosta) of Gisborne from July 2014 with a 10 year lease term and including specific maintenance and value-added/development clauses.
  • Re-fencing of the perimeter boundary has been gradually undertaken since 2014.